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Satellite Locations

Adair Dance Academy offers Enrichment Programs throughout the metro. These programs include classes with an 8 to 12 week term that culminates in a parent's day presentation on site. This is a great introduction to dance, with experienced teachers and convenient locations.

Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement is a forerunner to ballet. It includes creative dance techniques and activities to enhance coordination, balance, and motor skills.

This dance experience includes lessons and a costume to use for our end-of-the-term performances. As your child progresses through this program, there are additional classes at our main studio through the advanced levels. Adair Dance is family-oriented, with professional faculty, and a focus on education and artistry. Movement, music, and attire are all appropriate for all ages. There are no competitions, no fundraisers, and no hassles.

Give us a call today! 402-551-4200

St Michael building
Saint Michael's Lutheran Church

13232 Blondo St.

Omaha, NE

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