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Class Types

Since 1993, Adair Dance Academy, with its professional faculty, has been training dancers in a family friendly atmosphere with a focus on artistry and education.

young child ballerina

Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement

Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement is a forerunner to ballet. It includes creative dance techniques and activities to enhance coordination, balance, and motor skills.

Group of Jazz dancers


Contemporary/Jazz/Lyrical styles uses technical exercises, with a warm up, center work, across the floor progressions and combinations set to contemporary music. Fosse, Luigi, traditional jazz, fusion, are examples of the styles used in these classes.


Musical Theater

Musical Theater is danced based on Broadway-style musical choreography.

Repertory dancer


Dancers have the opportunity to learn excerpts from the great ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Don Quixote, and more!

Ballerinas Stretching


Conditioning stretching and strengthening techniques based on pilates, Vagonova barre method, and more to fortify dancer’s technical skills.


Choreographer’s Workshop

Dancer's learn the art of composition and theory, leadership, criticism, and staging techniques.

Mom holding child up and young toddler standing in front

Parent & Tot

Call for session dates. Parent and Tot classes are for children ages 2-4 years old and a caregiver. Exercises are introduced in a fun, friendly, and positive manner while enhancing their balance, coordination, strength, confidence, and social skills, through music and movement. Builds confidence and nurtures independence.

Ballet pointe shoes


Ballet is a fundamental international dance technique providing a solid foundation for all dancers and complementing all other styles of dance. Based on the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus, this method helps maintain high standards, sets goals, and provides logical progression. Pointe work, a natural progression for the advanced dancer, is part of the upper division for Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.



Modern dance emphasizes the strength and flexibility of the spine, with freedom of movement while maintaining control and precision through progressive technical excerises. Graham, Horton, Limon, Cunningham techniques are some of the work used in modern classes. In addition, dancers discover personal range of movement and explore composition and choreography through improvisation and creative exercises.

Tap Dance Class


Tap emphasizes footwork and the expression of rhythm through sound. Students train for control and agility of the feet while using the upper body to help express style.

Group of dancers on yoga balls

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

A revolutionary program designed to enhance ballet technique by specializing in muscle memory, enhancing flexibility, improving alignment, and supporting injury prevention.

Modern Dance Teacher

Pedagogy (Teaching)

Dancers learn the art of teaching. Includes class room management, curriculum, class planning, and movement analysis. For upper level students in Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Dance Class

Adult Ballet
and Tap

Adult classes, ballet and tap geared for the busy adult schedule, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced student. Drop in fees allow you to come as you are able. Casual workout attire with ballet or tap shoes is all that is required.

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