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  • What is your tap shoe trade in program?
    New and used shoes are available at the studio. New shoes are $35, used are $20. Trading in a used pair of approved Revolution brand Adair Dance Academy tap shoes for a different used pair is free. Trading in a used pair for a new pair $10 off.
  • How can I make up a lesson?
    Students are encouraged to attend another class in their level if they should miss a class due to sickness, a schedule conflict, or a snow day. Please refer to the schedule for all of the options. If students are on unlimited, they can take a class above or below their current level.
  • What is your snow day policy?
    When OPS cancels school or activities on evenings/weekends due to inclement weather, ADA is also closed. ADA DOES NOT FOLLOW THE OPS CALENDAR!
  • Are there any recital fees?
    Your monthly fee covers lessons, use of up to 2 costumes for performances, uniform leotard, and 2 recital tickets. There are no additional recital fees. Should you be enrolled in a level with more than 2 costumes (intermediate and advanced) you will be invoiced for the additional costumes your dancer needs.
  • How often do I pay tuition
    Enrollment assumes full payment of all 9 installments of tuition regardless of voluntary withdrawal or absences for the September through May dance season. A doctor’s note may be required in the event of extended medical leave. Cases will be reviewed on individual bases, and are at the discretion of the administration.
  • Can I observe my child dance during class time?
    Parents can observe their child’s dance lessons by visiting with the staff and making prior arrangements. Dancers do their best when they are focused on their lessons with their teacher.
  • Do I pay for the scheduled days off throughout the year?
    Scheduled breaks throughout the year are part of the yearlong season and are NOT lessons you have paid for.
  • Where can I buy my dance gear?
    We carry leotards, tights, tap shoes, dance bags, hair kits and a limited supply of skirts and ballet slippers. Visit with the office by calling 402-551-4200. Ballet slippers can also be purchased at Bobby's Dancewear. Check their website for coupons.
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