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Ages 11-14 with pointe work and dancers recently en pointe

Approximate Age Ranges:


Progression of dance technique in ballet, tap, and modern.

Addition of pointe, jazz, and musical theater!

Dancers take a minimum of two ballet and two additional classes of their choice weekly.

Dancers are encouraged to take additional classes. Tuition saving options with Encore Plus and Encore Unlimited packages.

Dance Attire:

Girls: Teal leotard (issued), pink tights, pink split-sole ballet slippers, black tap shoes. 

Boys: T-shirt, black sweatpants or shorts, black ballet slippers, black tap shoes. 

  • Hair must be securely pulled back.

  • No gum or jewelry.

  • Please see your teacher to purchase shoes.

  • Adair Dance Academy carries ballet slippers, tap shoes, tights and other dance gear. Please call 402-551-4200 for information.

  • Please purchase tap shoes through Adair Dance and split sole ballet slippers at Adair Dance or Bobby’s Dancewear, 132nd & Center. Ask about our tap shoe trade in program.

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