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Ages 8-10

Approximate Age Ranges:


Includes more challenging combinations and new vocabulary in both ballet and tap.

Longer classes with options to dance multiple times weekly for dancers who can’t wait for dance just once a week!

Dance Attire:

Girls: Lavender skirted leotard (issued), pink tights, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes. 

Boys: T-shirt, black sweatpants or shorts, black ballet slippers, black tap shoes. 

  • Hair must be securely pulled back.

  • No gum or jewelry.

  • Please see your teacher to purchase shoes.

  • Adair Dance Academy carries ballet slippers, tap shoes, tights and other dance gear. Please call 402-551-4200 for information.

  • Please purchase tap shoes through Adair Dance and split sole ballet slippers at Adair Dance or Bobby’s Dancewear, 132nd & Center. Ask about our tap shoe trade in program.

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