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2023 Spring Recital

Adair Dance Academy's 30th Anniversary



Saturday, May 13th at Camelot Community Center, 9270 Cady Ave in the Gym.

Photos will begin approximately 1:30pm watch for a detailed schedule and info in a separate email.



Tuesday, May 30th, Wednesday, May 31st, Thursday June 1st

  • A complete dress rehearsal schedule with specific class times is listed below and will be posted at Camelot. 

  • Dress rehearsal requires full costumes, shoes, accessories, and make-up with hair in a bun.

  • Please arrive before your listed rehearsal so you are prepared to go ON STAGE at the listed time.

  • No regular classes will meet this week; dress rehearsals only. 

  • No classes or rehearsals on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th

  • Please note that end times are approximate and everyone is expected to stay until your class is finished.



Friday, June 2nd at 6 p.m. and  Saturday, June 3rd at 6 p.m. 

  • Please see cast assignments below to determine the show(s) your dancer(s) are performing. 

  • Each performance lasts approximately a 60-90 minutes.   

  • Photography and video are allowed during dress rehearsal ONLY and are strictly prohibited during performances.




  • All dress rehearsals and performances are held at the theater, Tuesday, May 30, through Saturday, June 3. 

  • Use Google map and/or make a dry run before your appointed rehearsal day if you are new to the theater. 



Pre- Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Dancers must attend a mandatory warm up class before each performance to be properly warmed up, to prevent injury and prepare. Please wear proper dance class attire.  Costumes are not allowed for warm-up class. 

Call times and warm up classes: 

  • Friday evening call time (arrival time) is at 4:30pm, warm up class is 4:45-5:30pm, curtain (show begins) 6pm 

  • Saturday evening call time (arrival time) is 4:30pm, warm up class is 4:45-5:30pm, curtain (show begins) 6pm


Pre-ballet, Primary, Novice Dancers are required to arrive no later than 5pm before each 6pm performance to check in and prepare. 

  • No one is allowed to watch from the wings to avoid congestion. 

  • All students and room helpers should plan to stay backstage until the performance is over. 

  • No dancers are allowed to sit in the audience before or after they have performed. 

  • Seating is limited, and it is disruptive to the patrons to have performers moving about. 




  • Each student performing receives 2 tickets with a paid up account; via emailed code.

  • Tickets go on sale mid-May.

  • Codes and ticket info will be emailed shortly before tickets sale begin.

  • Additional tickets are available online plus processing fees or at the door the hour prior to the show. 

  • No refunds. 

  • Each person, including children, must have a ticket to gain admission. 

  • Seating begins approximately 30 minutes before each performance.  

  • Volunteers who help backstage do not need tickets, and will stay backstage for the show.  

  • Promo codes are good online only, not at the box office, and expire one day prior to performances.

  • Cards are accepted; Cash or check is preferred for tickets at the door. 

  • Each performance lasts approximately a 60-90 minutes.   



  • Costumes will be distributed in late May or kept at the studio/theater for use. Many, but not all costumes, are on a rental basis (included with your tuition), which saves you money and avoids unnecessary accumulation of items in your home.

  • Should you wear any costume base (Example: class leotards) to the theater, please cover them up with other clothing, as it is unprofessional to show costumes outside of performance and you risk damaging or soiling the costume. This may be casual attire, and not the same nice outfit for after the performance. 

  • Pre-ballet, Primary, Novice level students can wear comfortable clothes to the theater, over their costume base and bring a change of nice clothes for after the performance. 

  • Pre- Elementary, Elementary, Int/Adv, must bring appropriate warm up attire. 

  • NO costumes allowed for warm up class.   

  • Bring hair supplies, make-up, safety pins, and any supplies needed

  • Bring a nice change of clothes for afterwards to greet family and friends. No jeans, t-shirts, dance wear, costumes etc.  

  • No costumes may be worn home after performances. 

  • No eating or drinking in costume!

  • Pink tights available at studio & theater: $15/pair or 2/$25 

  • No underwear under any costumes.

  • For older students: wear appropriate undergarments such as bras for girls/dance belts for boys 

  • Dancers with multiple costume changes (Pre- Elementary and up) are encouraged to invest in a nude leotard for easy costume changes. Available at Bobby’s or online through



  • Plan to have full hair and make-up for both rehearsals and performances.

  • Hair and make-up should be done at home.

  • Younger students need only to wear some lipstick and a small amount of blush/mascara. 

  • Hair must be pulled neatly back in a bun or styled as requested by your teacher. 

  • Test your bun at class to make sure they will stay secure.  



  • All accounts must be paid in full before tickets or costumes are distributed. 

  • Please go to your online parent portal to review your account

  • Tuition checks or cash may also be turned in to your teacher at classes.

  • Cards may also be processed with Mrs. Adair at the studio or via a phone call. 

Account questions: 


Administrative Address for mailing payments: 

    Adair Dance Academy Inc

    1006 N 127 Cir, Omaha, NE 68154


  • A video download of the performances will be emailed to each family with a paid up account. 

  • Photography and videography during performances are strictly prohibited. 

  • Parents may video or photograph their child’s dances at dress rehearsal only.         



  • Room helpers, flower sellers, ushers, box office personnel, and runners are needed. 

  • Younger classes will need a parent from that class who is familiar to the students to assist backstage. These volunteers will be able to see their child’s dance(s) from the wings. 

  • Please remember your help is appreciated and this is one of the rare times we ask for parent volunteers. Thank you!

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